Mr. Shanta Kumar Negi is the Director of Knaygoh Kinner Camps. A well educated person & done his Masters in Chemical Engineering, he is himself an adventure freak and working hard to make it popular among adventure and outdoor seekers. He is the main spine of Knaygoh Kinner Camps. He works as social volunteer as well.
Mr. Arjun Negi is the working partner of Knaygoh Kinner Camps. He is an MTA and having multi-dimensional qualities. He works with the vision to enhance the awareness of touring for the enthusiastic holidaymakers and dedicated to promote Himalayas. He loves to do adventurous treks and is very affectionate for nature.
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  • First, there is Nako the remote mountain village - perched high above the Spiti river, hidden from view from the highway, and utterly quiet except the occasional chirping birds and neighing village horses. The village has a small lake (or large pond, whichever way you want to see it), a stunning Buddhist Monastery that will open its doors if you knock, and no more than a population of a hundred (ever-smiling) people. If that isn't enough to make you take the (really) long drive, there is Knaygoh Kinner Camps. This isn't a "hotel" or a "resort" in the way we city slickers define. It has a dozen brilliant tents, a restaurant, and a campfire. The tents are simple yet extremely comfortable. The food menu at the restaurant is based on whatever ingredients are available on the day, but the food is lip-smacking great. The best part of this place - the people! The owner, Mr. Shanta Negi, is hands-on and most happy to talk to you or even join your party.
    Bengaluru - INDIA
  • Situated just above the village of Nako, this tented camp makes it easy to visit the village at leisure. About a dozen good-size tents (10 m2) with an en-suite cemented floor batrooom (3.5 m2). Good warm water supply from the solar water heaters on the building roof. Surrounded by a lovely flower garden and a few parachute-shaded sitting areas with a lovely view. Birds are all around picking the sunflower seeds. A huge, (only 8 months old) but friendly Mastif dog likes to keep you company. Spacious dining area at the entrance. They had no problems with providing us with a chilly-free and curry-free dinner.
    Amsterdam - The Netherlands
  • Knaygoh Kinner camps is located in a very small, peaceful village of Nako. We reached Nako after a tiring journey from Sangla valley. We arrived in our tent late afternoon of 1st August 2015. The weather was pretty good neither hot nor very cold. Our tent had a view of The Nako lake. The tent given to us was pretty good nothing exceptional or luxurious. The tent was cosy & comfortable although there wasn't much space around. It was nice of the staff to give us hot water buckets so that we could take bath & freshen up. The food at Knaygoh Kinner camps is really good. The dinner is served around 7 but it's not easy to reach the dining hall especially in the late evenings as the track is stony & dark. The way back was more difficult especially for my mom due to old age but the staff really helped. I was impressed by the dinner & breakfast buffet both because to procure & provide that much variety at such a remote place located at the height of (3600 mtrs) 11811 feet.
    New Delhi - INDIA